Free Trial

Call the toll-free number below and enter the ID number provided. Follow the simple instructions given to you by the system during the call and then begin dictating your report.

Call +1 (866) 364-3997 /Alternate number: +1 (866) 625-6412
There will be no ‘ring’ tone when you call in.
Wait for the voice to ask for your Author ID.
Next, enter the supplied Author ID number, 5170, followed by the # symbol. (5170#).
You will be asked for your Account PIN. Enter this as 5151, followed by the # symbol. (5151#).
Start your dictation after the tone.
Dictate a real transcription. Do not give the patient’s name. (You will add this in the file subsequently).
To end the dictation, press 3.
Press **, and write down the confirmation number.
Send us an email with your name, address and phone number with the confirmation number to the following email address: demo@azimuth-services.com


Keypad Configuration for Dictation

** – Play confirmation number
*1 – Mark job as Priority
*2 – Clear the Priority status
0 – Play confirmation number and begin a new dictation
1 – Go to the beginning of the dictation and play
2 – Record
3 – Go to the end of the dictation and stop
4 – Rewind
5 – Pause
6 – Fast forward
7 – Play
8 – Begin a new dictation
9 – Disconnect from the system

+1 (626) 425-9948
3870 East Flamingo Road, Suite A2-215, Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA